Reba Reveals Her Guest Star Wish List

Mister D: Reba can wish, but it’s highly doubtful Bette Midler would guest on a critically reviled show and a ratings disaster. Even if you’re a Reba fan, you can’t overook those two facts.

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Reba Reveals Her “Malibu Country” Guest Star Wish List
January 15, 2013

Starstruck Reba is having a blast playing “Reba MacKenzie” on Malibu Country opposite Lily Tomlin and Sara Rue, but she hopes to have some of her famous friends guest star on the show at some point.

In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Reba reveals that Lily’s Big Business co-star Bette Midler is at the top of that guest star wish list. She says, “I would just absolutely love to have her because she and Lily Tomlin worked together. I would love to have Dolly [Parton] come on. Jane Fonda — they worked together on Nine to Five.”

Reba also named William Shatner as a star she’d like to have on Malibu Country along with Alec Baldwin.

Says Reba, “I got to work with Alec Baldwin on South Pacific when we did it in Carnegie Hall years ago. That would be fun.”

She adds, “Working with Alec is a hoot. He’s great. He’s just a very wonderfully talented, mischievous little boy.”

You can catch Reba Friday nights at 8:30 Eastern time on ABC’s Malibu Country.

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2 thoughts on “Reba Reveals Her Guest Star Wish List

  1. I like Reba and it would be great if Miss M could help her “Malibu Country” ratings. But I’m not sure how effective The Divine One can be on the sitcom arena. I mean, her own divine sitcom, Bette!, lasted much less then Reba’s previous one. And she had the help of quite a few of her friends, including the phenomenal Dolly Parton on the Halloween episode (my favorite – I adore that series, I’ve been waiting forever for a disc release…)!

    1. Well I like Reba, but I don’t like Malibu Country…it’s awful. I did like Bette though. It might have gotten renewed if Bette had not complained so much about it. I just don’t think the higher ups quite got her…xx

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