BetteBack May 20, 1977: Bette Takes In “Formally The Harlettes”

Annapolis Capital
May 20, 1977

MISS M BEING DIVINE. Bette Midler went down to New York‘s Reno Sweeney’s to see that hot new act call F T H (formerly The Harlettes) and gave the girls who used to back her up a standing ovation as well as kisses on the cheeks. When Bette and her handsome fellow Peter Riegert went backstage to talk to the darling F T H ‘s, someone told her she had an important phone call. Said Bette, “Tell him to call back, I’m talking to my girls'”

One patron asked Bette about the recent incident wherein she threw a drink at Patti Smith. Bette explained “I threw a drink in the air It just seemed to land on her head” Then she added diplomatically “I’m one of Patti’s biggest fans ”

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