Video: Movie Trailer for ‘Phil Spector’ Starring Al Pacino & Helen Mirren

Mister D: This is the HBO movie Bette had to drop out of after several weeks work due to back problems. Helen Mirren graciously stepped in at the last minute to replace her. However, it was a sad day for BetteHeads!

It looks like they’ve teased Phil Spector’s hair”¦

HBO has released two short teaser trailers for its long awaited Phil Spector project called simply, “Phil Spector”. Written and directed by David Mamet, the made-for-cable movie focuses on the music impresario’s trial for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson and stars Al Pacino as Spector and Helen Mirren (who, believe it or not, replaced Bette Midler) as his defense attorney, Linda Kenney Baden.

Pacino landed an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for spouting on screen the words of Mamet’s award-winning play “Glenngarry Glen Ross” . Mamet hasn’t directed since 2008’s fantastic, but little seen, Redbelt (with Chiwetel Ejiorfor). “Phil Spector” has actually been in the can for more than a year and a half awaiting a release date.

“Phil Spector” also stars Jeffrey Tambor as Bruce Cutler, Natalia Nogulich, Jen Lyon and a Mamet daughter, Clara (Half-sister Zosia is on HBO’s “Girls”) and will premiere on HBO on Sunday, March 24th at 9pm.

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One thought on “Video: Movie Trailer for ‘Phil Spector’ Starring Al Pacino & Helen Mirren

  1. I’m disappointed that Bette won’t be a part of this. I understand that she had back pains (some say it was less a pain in the back and more that Mamet was a pain in the ass) because I really think in a film like this, Bette would walk away with an easy Emmy and another chance to remind the masses that she is truly capable of a substantial dramatic role. But everything happens for a reason, and now we have her on Broadway!

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