Full Length Trailer: Phil Spector

Mister D: Again…this is the movie Bette had to back out of due to a neck/back injury. Helen Mirren took her place. It will be fun for me, at least, to imagine how Bette would have tackled the part….

Yes, he wears the afro wig.

Al Pacino goes full Phil Spector in the trailer, below, for the biopic of the infamous record producer written and directed by David Mamet for HBO. “Phil Spector” is centered around Spector’s trial for the murder of Lana Clarkson, with Helen Mirren playing his defense attorney Linda Kenney Baden. (Bette Midler was originally cast in the role, but had to drop out due to a neck injury.)

The TV movie, which is described as “a work of the imagination, inspired by real people and events but not based on them,” premieres on HBO on Sunday, March 24th at 9pm.

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