BetteBack November 1, 1977: Bette Gets A Memo

Winnipeg Free Press
November 1, 1977


Counter-culture magazine Rolling Stone 1967- and counter-counter culture magazine Rolling Stone 1977 (with Caroline Kennedy writing on Elvis, Diana Vreeland getting more play than Diana Ross), celebrates its 10th anniversary at 9 p.m. Nov. 25 on CBS-TV in a two-hour program called Tbe Tenth Anniversary.

The cast includes Bette Midler, Keith Moon, Patti LaBelle, Yvonne Elliman, Sissy Spacek, Donny Osmond, Phoebe Snow, Billy Preston, Richie Havens, LA. Police Chief Ed Davis, surprises. The program is designed to make money and celebrate Rolling Stone-style rock and roll culture. With a mass-media difference. The show is toned down from tbe magazine’s general high standards.

Tbe Nov. 3 issue quotes a CBS memo on a Bette Midler sequence: no pulling up ner dress at end to expose crotch, no Thanks for coming, thanks for showing up too, no Jesus Christ references, etcetera. Midler was allowed to say “rat’s ass” and tell a bazoom joke. Tbe show coincides with tbe Nov. 39 anniversary issue, featuring photographs by Annie Uebovite.

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