Vanity Fair 2013: Bette Midler Article

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9 thoughts on “Vanity Fair 2013: Bette Midler Article

      1. Wait…I posted it the other day…You’ll have to look through older posts or search Graydon Carter on the site…

  1. Excellent article! Ever since watching the 60 minutes/Mike Wallace piece I’m obsessed with Sue Mengers. Seems like a PERFECT role for Miss M.

  2. On Mengers: Almost every person who fullfills the capitalist dream of rags-to-richs is interesting and Sue’s ballsy journey is jaw-dropping. But, after what I read in here, I feel she was kind of a sad character deep inside, even living in her beaufiful Beverly Hills home. Miss M said she mistook clients for family members. Bette said, in that sense, she was a “…poor schmuck”! A friend offers you a son as a godson and you say “yes as long as you don’t have to touch it”!!! I’d be afraid to be near Mengers. What she would do to regular people like me?! Wit, smarts and to be outspoken can be wonderful features, but they don’t release one from being kind. Mengers said her greatest acomplishment was never having a child. I’m no square (I’m for Catholic priestesses, gay marriage and adoption etc.), but that sentence sounds so strange to me. Makes me want to have just a superficial contact with Sue Mengers’ essence. Nothing more.

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