BetteBack January 26, 1986: Will Bette Play Mae West?

Hutchinson News
January 26, 1986


Q. Will  onscreen sex be accentuated in the upcoming
movie biography about Mae West s exciting
life? – V.C.
A. Sex will be an integral part of the movie as it
was in Mae’s life. However, her movie biography
certainly won’t be overly spicy or X-rated. Veteran
director Robert Wise – whose credits include the
movie version of “The Sound of Music” – j u s : isn’t
into supersexy screen hijinks. Latest word is that
Bette Midler, who can get pretty raunchy, will play
Mae West. But. Wise assures me the movie will
emphasize the “joy” of West rather than a literal
telling of her sexy life story.

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