Something’s Up – Where Are The Bonus Tracks?

9-23-2014 8-58-12 AM


Mister D: Well I found out from Bette’s people the songs aren’t getting junked and they are going to check on what’s going on. I’ll keep you updated….xx

Just a warning. I ordered my Bette CD from the WB store where they had two bonus tracks listed. I just re-checked my order and the two songs have been removed. I don’t know if they’ve decided to ditch the deluxe version or not, but maybe we should all wait and see what happens closer to the sell date before pre-ordering. Unless you don’t care about the 2 extra songs. I just have a hard time believing that they would ditch the idea after advertising about it. Your call. I’ll keep you informed when I get any news.

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8 thoughts on “Something’s Up – Where Are The Bonus Tracks?

  1. I too pre-ordered just for the 2 bonus tracks. I pre-ordered on Amazon for $12.99 until I saw the bosnus tracks. Now I am paying $30 for what I can get for $12.99.

    I just wrote WB to ask where they are and why did they not write the people who ordered the CD based on what they listed and what we expected to receive for the $30. I really don’t need the download os the CD if I have the CD.

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