Bette Midler’s Daughter Starring In Play

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Bette Midler’s Daughter Starring In Play
by 2Paragraphs in Culture | October 10, 2014

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Sophie von Haselberg, daughter of Bette Midler, has a star turn in Mike Bencivenga’s new play Billy & Ray at the Vineyard Theater in New York. The rollicking comedy is soaked in Hollywood royalty through and through”“the Billy & Ray of the title are Billy Wilder (Vincent Kartheiser) and Raymond Chandler (Larry Pine), trying hilariously (and poignantly) to produce the film version of Double Indemnity. It’s directed by TV legend”“the word not used lightly”“Garry Marshall, who also directed its world premiere at his own Falcon Theater last spring.

What to add to such a potent big name brew? The Yale-educated Sophie von Haselberg sounds about right. That way you also get that extra buzz in the audience when Mom shows up, as she did this week. (Bette Midler is one of those names that make Page Six just for going to a play, not even acting in it.) Bette and her husband, the Argentinian actor Martin von Haselberg, have been married since 1984. Mr. von Haselberg accompanied Ms. Midler to see their daughter in the show. Billy & Ray is in previews at the Vineyard Theater, 108 East 15th Street.

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10 thoughts on “Bette Midler’s Daughter Starring In Play

  1. I begged my mom to let me see this play but she said its not for a 16 year old i told her its Sophie mom Bette’s daughter in a play not far from home!!!!

  2. Martin was for a fact born in buenes aires, argentina and wasnt relocated to Germany. He is German but born in Buenes Aires

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