It’s The Girls Deluxe Edition With 2 Extra Tracks Now Available For Pre-Order At Target Online


Multiple Grammy Award®-winning singer and legendary performer Bette Midler returns to the studio to release It’s The Girls!, a stunning new album that pays tribute to girl groups through the ages. The album is due out on Warner Bros. Records November 4th, 2014.

It’s The Girls! is a jaunty and celebratory collection of some of the greatest harmonies performed by girl groups such as The Ronettes, The Boswell Sisters, The Andrew Sisters, The Chiffons as well as Motown acts likeMartha Reeves and The Vandellas, and The Marvelettes, among others.

“A long time ago I fell in love with voices in harmony,” said Midler. “In particular, the sound of female voices singing together. There were so many great girl groups in those days, I still listen as avidly as I ever did. This record is a small attempt to honor them for all the joy they brought to me and the world.”

It’s The Girls! reunites Bette Midler with long-time collaborator and Award-winning composer Marc Shaiman who produced the album. It’s The Girls!features 15 songs that span time from The Andrews Sisters’ original performance of “Bei Mir Bist Du Schön” in 1937 to R&B group TLC’s 1994 hit song, “Waterfalls.” On the title track, Midler offers a brilliant rendition ofThe Boswell Sisters (known for their unpredictable harmonies and key changes) tempo-shifting pop classic “It’s The Girl.” The album effortlessly showcases Midler’s distinctive and versatile vocal range while honoring timeless classic melodic harmonies.

One of the world’s best-loved and most versatile entertainers, Bette Midlerhas garnered accolades in all quarters of show business. She’s earned four Grammy Awards including Song of the Year (1989: “Wind Beneath My Wings;” 1990: “From A Distance”) and Record of the Year (1989: “Wind Beneath My Wings”); two Academy Award nominations, three Emmy Awards, one Tony Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and nine American Comedy Awards. Bette Midler has recorded 13 studio albums and has gone on to sell over 30 million albums worldwide.

Details for Bette Midler’s forthcoming tour will be announced soon.

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15 thoughts on “It’s The Girls Deluxe Edition With 2 Extra Tracks Now Available For Pre-Order At Target Online

  1. Hey don. Do you know the title’s of the bonus tracks ?🎃👻. I’m so glad that your back 💋

  2. Does anyone know if the bonus CD will be available to purchase at Target Stores? I emailed them and received an answer, that did not fit my question.

    Can’t wait to hear this CD. Love the first single released! So much fun!!

  3. Thank you! I hope the CD is given the attention & promotion by Target & the Record Company that it deserves! Hoping for a hit for Bette. I’m sure the fans will love it! We are so hungry for new music from Bette.

  4. I think this album is going to be a big hit. It’s already in the Top 20 at, surpassing Barry Manilow’s new to be released Dream Duets album, and Aretha’s soon to be released Classic Divas CD. She’s also logged at #3 in Pop Vocals and Broadway. There’s a ton of competition for the holiday wish list this season, such as Susan Boyle (who always enters big), but so far the marketing and interest level has been very high. I see a #1 coming for Bette, in at least one of the categories.

  5. I’m quite pleased with the marketing of this so far! I hope that Bette does a few stunning promo-gigs and I even expect at least one front-page on a prestigious magazine-cover!
    The “Peggy Lee Songbook” was a top 10 record when it came out: I think this one has a much broader appeal: should it become a top ten record, then Bette would be among the very, very few to have a top ten album in the 70s (Divine Miss M), 80s (Beaches), 90s (Some People’s Lives), 00 (Peggy Lee) and the 10s: Five consecutive decades on top… Fingers crossed!!!
    Mr D: I keep reading that Rhino is involved in this, but amazon says it’s Warner for the US and Eastwest (a Warner label) in the rest of the world: Has Bette signed with Warner again, or is the album just being distributed by them?
    Three more questions (sorry!): Any news on the British documentary?
    Any news on Mae West? ( As far as I know they replaced the screenwriter?)
    Any news on a comedy directed by Jay Roach called “The Third Coast”?

    1. I’m confused by the Rhino thing too…but past articles I posted had it listed as WB/Rhino…so maybe that’s a new division…I just don’t know.

      The last I heard about the documentary was that they were hoping it to go to airdate in November.

      Mae West…in the Gay Times UK Bette said that was one project that was still a go, but they’re still writing it…so it will be awhile if that ever comes to light.

      She was in talks for the Jay Roach movie but it doesn’t seem like that’s a go….xx

  6. I think Bette’s new managers are doing a really good job … the re-release of her book, oscars performance, mae west biopic, a new tour rumor, a good website, return to broadway and now its the girls. It just seems Miss Midler is gaining momentum. Of course, it is all due to the legend that is Bette, but I also feel her management have been steering her in the right direction. Now, they just need to convince her to do an unreleased song boxset and find that elusive oscar winning script …

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