Bette Midler’s ‘Hulaween’ ready to dazzle us

Bette Midler‘s ‘Hulaween’ ready to dazzle us
By Liz Smith
Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I doubt it but maybe you think Bette Midler and I are just sitting around waiting for Halloween to envelope us. But, no! We are busy readying our costumes for Bette’s annual blast — the Restoration Project’s annual “Hulaween” at the Waldorf, where fashion’s Michael Kors will judge hundreds of costumes for his choice as “the best.”

This year, Bette’s money-raising to make NYC and environs more beautiful, cleaner and pleasant (as worthy of a great city) has the honorees Tony and Shelly Malkin. They actually own the Empire State Building and are big environmentalists and the night will also honor board member Sarah Nash. Earth Wind and Fire will blast away entertaining us.

I understand that this nearly sold-out party has a few reasonable seats left in the balcony for those dedicated to Hulaween, Halloween, Bette Midler and/or getting into costume. Call 914-579-1000.

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