Bette Apologizes…Ariana Forgives…

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2 thoughts on “Bette Apologizes…Ariana Forgives…

  1. Marcos, I agree; I found Bette’s bashing rather mediocre and embarrassing; why would she even care yet even publicly talk about these starlets? I find it quite unworthy of her career and position, – and I found it completely unnecessary to bring it up again on her birthday and therefore double or at least stretch the embarrassment.
    Ariana on the other hand was indeed on a higher path, acting classy and superior (contrary to Bette’s opinion, Ariana’s management obviously know what they do!).
    This is not the first time Bette slams younger artists only to suck up to them later (Lady Gaga and the mermaid-incident being the first one). It makes Bette look as if she had low self-esteem and felt the need to make herself relevant. Her behavior is a complete mystery: After all, she is the Divine Miss M – would somebody please tell her?

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