Be My Baby – Royal Variety Performance 2014

This has a lot of buffering in it but the whole song is there. We’ll get a better version later! xx

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4 thoughts on “Be My Baby – Royal Variety Performance 2014

  1. Bette was better than the rest of them put together – only Shirley Bassey was as good. I watched the rest of it on fast forward…

  2. A bit off topic, but I saw Dame Shirley at the Albert Hall about 20 years ago…the audience was 50% gay men, 50% mum and dads. She was incredible – her voice had huge power, volume and texture. She did the last number in a cloak made of pink flamingo feathers and sequins, drinking a brandy Alexander. There’s no-one quite like her. ‘The Performance’ album from a couple of years ago, is extraordinary. The Pet Shop Boys song especially. Jx

  3. I’ve seen clips of many of the other Royal Variety Performance acts (on YouTube) and actually thought they were quite good. Of course, Bette’s opening number is a show-stopper, and IMHO even better than the recording– it had to be an overall fantastic evening of talent. Shirley Bassey knocked it out of the park with “The Lady is a Tramp”–and I’m floored that at 79 her pipes haven’t diminished one bit in over 50 years of singing. I’ve always loved Mick Hucknall’s singing (Simply Red), and I thought he was awesome also. He, like Bette, is another singer that can interpret a song and deliver with the emotion it deserves. Ellie Goulding has had huge success, and although I’m only a fan of a few of her songs (who has the squeakier voice, her or Ariana?), she’s a fan favorite, as is One Direction. What a treat for the Brits. This had to be an amazing evening of talent, and I’m so proud that Bette was front and center, and the first to receive attention and accolades.

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