Vote Vote Vote! We Can Win This For Bette! NY’s Iconic Celebrity!


Vote For Bette Midler As New York’s Most Iconic Celebrity.You can vote as much as you want:”¦share this link with all of your BetteHead friends! Babs and Liza have taken the lead and have strong voting blocks but really, what have they done for NY lately? Voting is limited to once per day”¦we have till Feb 9th, so keep voting! I’ll post this link daily!

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4 thoughts on “Vote Vote Vote! We Can Win This For Bette! NY’s Iconic Celebrity!

  1. What’s wrong with Bette Heads! Is everyone voting ? I keep doing it every day but the gap with Lisa and Barbra is getting bigger

    1. I don’t think everyone is voting. It was strong in the beginning…we got her to number one, but i knew the babs and liza voters would be a problem all along

  2. The poll is closed. The Divine One ended in the 3rd place; Minnelli in 2nd and Streisand in 1st. Liza is a new yorker (although I’m afraid she was born in Hollywood) and I do equalize her with NYC, but Barbra left New York so long ago. Streisand has been living in CA for decades. She just was born and began her career in NYC. Her fans are hardworking or that poll wasn’t robot proofed.

  3. Is this really happening?Very frustrating how great a NY is Barb. must be a great posse. Sorry Bette you deserved this.

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