BetteBack February 1, 1990: Bette Midler – I Lead A Moderate Life

Roswell Daily Record
February 1, 1990


NEW YORK (AP)Bette Midler told interviewer Connie Chung that life in the fast lane isn’t for her.

“I just do what I think you oughta do,” she said in a taped segment for Saturday Night with Connie Chung that is to be broadcast this weekend.

“I lead a moderate life, I volunteer. I do charities. And I know I sound really square because I don’t drive a fast car and burn a lot of fossil fuel.”

When Chung mentioned that Midler brought $300 million in gross revenues to Disney Studios with five films, Midler joked:

“What, that much? Ill kill ’em: Where’s mine? You know they never give you a nickel at the end. Well, sometimes they give, you a watch, you know, it has ^Mickey Mouse on it.

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