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August 4, 1990


When you see a film, th e first im p ressio n you’re likely to get of it – probably before you even see the title – is from the music. A film’s score sets the mood for the picture and gives the viewer a sense of the movie’s personality.

What would “Psycho” or “Halloween” be without their characteristic themes? And what would “Gone with the Wind” do w ith o u t its majestic, flowing score? Movie soundtracks have taken u s everywhere from “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to “Kokomo,” and some of them are good enough to stand alone without the movies that inspired them.

Here are just a few you may want to check out.

Footloose: The ultimate party album five years ago, “Footloose” still has the power to pull you up on your feet. From the energetic title track to the romantic “Almost Paradise” this tape is fun dance music from the first note.

Batman: Anyone who h a s seen th e movie knows the impact of the haunting score. Eerie, powerful, and absolute! Danny Elfman’s backdrop for the caped crusader is as stirring and mysterious played by itself as it is in the movie.

Dirty Dancing: Besides the infectious 60’s tunes brought back to life by the movie, the “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack also has a handful of original songs that harbor all the intensity of the moves they were written to accompany.

Beaches: As loveable and eclectic as Bette Midler herself, the “Beaches” soundtrack has something for almost everyone. Even the songs you may not like grow on you after a while. From the powerful, mechanical “Oh Industry” to the sweet strains of “Baby Mine” (borrowed from “Dumbo”) “Beaches” is a priceless menagerie of suprises.

Top Gun: Even the love theme on this album seems to soar. The perfect collection of songs for a movie like “Top Gun,” e v e r y th in g h e r e is breathless and emotional. From the sultry haze of “Take My Breath Away” to the pulsing au ra of “Hot Summer Nights,” the h e a t is unmistakable.

The Little Mermaid: I have to admit it – I kept this tape in my car stereo on full blast for a month. The stirring Caribbean rhythm s and innocent lyrics are a return to classic Disney music, and what’s more, they’re pretty hard to resist. This music is as beautiful and show-topping as the film it was composed to suit.

So there’s one listener’s list of the top six soundtracks– the movie music that’s sometimes better than the movie.

Happy listening

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