BETTE MIDLER – The Folks who live on the Hill -2005 – Martha Stewart

Bette Midler – Wind Beneath My Wings – The Oscars – 2014

Bette Nominates Self For Role In New Amy Schumer Screenplay

Entertainment Weekly Bette Midler wants to play Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence’s mom BY DEVAN COGGAN September 1, 2015 Newfound…

Bette, A Judge On The Voice? Don’t Do It!

Looks like The Voice judges are contemplating a 5th judge and guess who came up on their list? Righto! The…

“If you let your character define your personality…”

“If you let your character define your personality instead of keeping your true self separate, your character will get you.”

Bette Midler – Soph Jokes – Roxy Theater – 1977

BetteBack May 16, 1991: Bette Midler Makes Movie Channels Favorite Actress Poll

Sandusky Register May 16, 1991 HOLLYWOOD (UPI) – Who was the most popular male movie star in the country last…

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