Bette Midler on daughter Sophie

Bette Midler on daughter Sophie: ” We (and husband, Martin) both taught her responsibility and to have patience. And she is all of the things that you wish your child would be. She’s responsible. Hardworking. Fascinated by life and full of wonder. I love it.” (People, 11/02/2014)


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2 thoughts on “Bette Midler on daughter Sophie

  1. Hi Mr D. I was just on youtube and thought i would share with the Bette Universe. It looks like a young man named Justin Holliday spliced together the entire divine intervention concert from people’s uploads of the show. It is really a remarkable job and a great way to watch the entire show!! Just thought i would share:


    1. I saw that. It was incredible. I had a friend who sent me a DVD who did the same thing. Lots of hard work involved. Don’t know how they did it. xx

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