BetteBack November 7, 1991: Geraldo Steamed At Midler Allegations

Elyria Chronicle Telegram
November 7, 1991

It seems that Geraldo Rivera is shocked, shocked tohear Bette Midler saying all those nasty things about him and what did or didn’t happen between them some 20 years ago. “Hey, calling me a rapist? What is that?” says a steamed Rivera. “I feel totally violated. … This is a terrible blow to my credibility.”

What Midler calls “interview rape,” Rivera maintains was a hot-and-heavy fling. “There were scores of witnesses. I have no idea why she suddenly turned so mean,” the talk-show host said.

“Al! I -can ssy is I have fond memories of our interludes years ago…. Also, that we bad a torrid and passionate affair.

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