Sophie Dishes On Her Mom A Little At Fashion Week

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Bette Midler and her lookalike daughter are just gorgeous
By Jo Hegerty
Sept 17, 2015

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While she’s definitely one of a kind, the Divine Miss M has a close runner-up ”“ her 28-year-old daughter Sophie von Haselberg. The striking mother-daughter duo were out together during New York Fashion Week and, as these pictures show, the resemblance between them is uncanny.

Bette and Sophie were photographed at the Marchesa show during NYFW and also the Blonds show, both looking very glamorous.

Sophie is an actor like her mum, but also a Yale University graduate speaks Chinese, according to the Daily Mail. Her father is artist Martin von Haselberg, who married Bette Mildler in 1984; the couple is still going strong.

Last year, Sophie told the New York Post that growing up as the only child of Hollywood royalty wasn’t all perks and privilege.

“[Mum] can be surprisingly prudish and very old-fashioned,” she says.“Even [me] cursing, she would get angry about. I was like, ”˜Oh my God, I grew up going to your shows!’ But I also get it. She wanted me to be raised as a normal kid.”

Sophie still dines with her parents once a week and says the best piece of advice her larger-than-life mum has given her is”¦ always curl your lashes.

Can you imagine having Bette as a mum?

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