BetteBack November 22, 1991: For The Boys: Word Of Mouth

Daily Herald Suburban Chicago
November 22, 1991


After bogging down her movie career in sentimental sap (“Beaches” and “Stella”), Bette Midler is literally bursting at the seams as frothy showgirl Dixie Leonard. James Caan, also making something of a comeback, plays Eddie Sparks, a hot-shot song-and dance man. They become a show-biz couple who entertain American troops starting in World War II and ending in Vietnam, all while they wage their own personal war against each other

Advance word is that “For the Boys” is better than bad, worse than great.

“For the Boys” is directed by Mark Rydell, the fellow who gave the Divine Miss M her Oscar nomination as the self-destructive star in “The Rose” (1979). Costume designer Wayne Finkelman was so meticulous about the clothes in “For the Boys” that he insisted the stars wear period-piece undergarments to match their outerwear

True, you may not see it on the screen, but they will know they’re wearing it.

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