BetteBack December 10, 1991: Martha Raye Entertains Lawsuit Against Bette Midler Over ‘For The Boys’

Santa Ana Orange County Register
December 10, 1991

Bette Midler1

Veteran comedian Martha Raye is hot to take Bette Midler to court over the movie “ For the Boys.”

Through her seventh husband, Mark Harris, Raye – who often entertained members of the armed forces before becominig a star of denture-adhesive commercials for television – said she gave Midler a 20-page treatment based on her military experience “ a few years ago” and didn’t get a dime for it.

Raye, 74, is bedridden as the result of a 1990 stroke.

“I have advised my wife to sue,” said Harris, 44. “I think once Martha had a stroke, Midler thought she was going to die and wouldn’t live to see the movie.’’ Midler’s spokeswoman did not return repeated phone calls.

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