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The Letter Book Project For Bette Midler’s 70th Birthday – Get Your Letters And Donations In Now!

Mister D: Now is the time to tell Bette what she has meant to you in her life. This year has many landmark reasons. Bette turns 70 this year;  NYRP is celebrating its 20th anniversary; it’s the 15 year anniversary of the letter project; Bette is being honored for her environmental work at Hulaween; and this just may be Bette’s last year hosting Hulaween (this has been confirmed although she has the option to change your mind.

Stella, whose brainstorm this is has a way to get your letters to Miss M. Bette kept the last letter project in her personal library. So get off your butts or rather stay on it and write your letter to Bette telling her whats she has meant to you in your lifetime.

This may be the last time you get the chance. Just follow the instructions below. This is all above board, so it’s time to celebrate Miss M’s life. Get those letters in now!!!! And of course your donation!

Thanks, Don a,k,a, Mister D xx

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15 Year Anniversary Letter Book

Bette truly appreciates the art of the handwritten letter. Lets send her letters about what she means to us and how she has changed our lives. Since it is a 15 year anniversary book, lets tell Bette how our lives have changed in the last 15 years. I know lots of people got married, had babies, had major career milestones, lost tons of weight, lost a loved one, etc. Was Bette there for you through all of that? Tell her about it. If you think your handwriting is terrible, then please feel free to have a typed letter. Bette is celebrating 20 years of NYRP!

For the rest of the update and instructions click on the link below. We have two months to complete this project! So don’t diddy daddle!!!

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