BetteBack January 17, 1992: Mr. Blackwell Releases His Worst And Best Dressed List For 1991

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January 17, 1992


Fashion arbiter Mr. Blackwell has his hook out for Julia Roberts and he put her atop his 32nd annual list of worst-dressed women.

Blackwell called Roberts a “tacky tinkerbell from fashion Neverland” and described country singer Wynonna Judd, ranked second, as the “shaggy songbird of country kitsch”.

The rest of, the list, in order: Delta Burke (“an antebellum atrocity”), Tyne Daly, Jodie Foster, Carly Simon (“Little Orphan Annie meets Mr. Ed”), Faye Dunaway, Kathy Bates, Jane Seymour and Dame Edna Everage, the stage creation o f Australia n Barry Humphries.

On the other hand, Blackwell mentioned actresses Annette Bening , Barbra Streisand, Joan Collins, Sharon Gless, Lynn Whitfield and Bette Midler, magazine editor Tina Brown, model Naomi Campbell, singer Natalie Cole and interviewer Leeza Gibbons as “fabulous fashion independents.”

Blackwell, whose real name is Richard Sylvan Selzer, has been releasing his worst-dressed list since 1960.

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