Reddit’s Best AMAs Are Now Available In A Hardcover Book (Including Bette Midler)

Mister D: They list Bette Midler here in the article as being in the book, but I can’t find her on the Amazon site as listed. So this is a gamble. Should be an interesting read though.

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Reddit‘s Best AMAs Are Now Available In A Hardcover Book
By Cameron Koch, Tech Times | January 5, 1:50 PM

“Ask me anythings”, or AMAs for short, are one of the best parts of Reddit. It allows the masses to pick the brains of celebrities, scientists, politicians or just people who want to share what their world is like with questions that range from deadly serious to profoundly dumb.

Now Reddit, with the help of AMA mods, has assembled what it believes to be the best AMAs in the site’s history for one sleek, 400 page hardcover book, featuring the AMAs of Bill Gates, Martha Stewart and many more. The book is illustrated by Reddit user youngluck. You can check out some of his artwork from the book on the official Ask Me Anything book website.

“We’re excited to have created an almost 400-page volume, filled with some of the sites favorite AMAs from Louis C.K. to Bette Midler, Chris Rock to Martha Stewart,” Alexis Ohanian writes on the Reddit blog. “Tech moguls like Bill Gates are rubbing pages with the amazing Waffle House Grill Masters and Nazi Germany survivors. A nuclear missile operator gets as much ink as Ronda Rousey, Andrew WK, Spike Lee, or a person who survived being held hostage in Iraq. It’s the beauty of the Reddit on the printed page.”

Only 10,000 copies of Ask Me Anything Volume One are being printed, and currently sell for $34.99. If you don’t care to own a physical version of the book, a digital ebook can be snagged for just $4.99. A portion of the proceeds from the book will go to charities some of the mods responsible for creating the book choose.

Kindle Edition:

Hardcover Edition:

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