BetteBack December 9, 1993: So Who is The Highest Paid Actress In Hollywood?

Daily Herald Suburban Chicago
December 9, 1993

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They do say that Julia Roberts’ reported $8 million salary for her next film, “Tracks,” is an all-time high for an actress. (This is pretty impressive, considering that we don’t know yet if Julia has retained her box office clout after a year-and-a half hiatus. “The Pelican Brief” and “ I Love Trouble” will be her “comeback’’ movies.)

Now, having written this, I sit back and wait for calls from the outraged press reps for Whoopi Goldberg, Barbra Streisand, Sharon Stone, Michelle Pfeiffer, Bette Midler, et a1., insisting that their star is the biggest, the best and, most certainly, the highest paid.

Last year at Oscar time there was a lot of talk about “The Year of the Woman.” (And didn’t Barbra Streisand make caustic mincemeat out of that pronouncement!) Then this column declared that 1993 would go down as “The Year of Drag.” (The ascent of RuPaul and the success of Robin Williams in “ Mrs. Doubtfire” proved this prediction at least partially true.)

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