BetteBack September 5, 1994: Bette Midler Takes Jabs At Las Vegas, Lisa Marie, And Barbra

Anderson Herald Bulletin
September 5, 1994

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Midler digs’ Vegas: Bette Midler returned to Las Vegas after an 18-year absence and lost no time getting in some digs at Lisa Marie Presley. Barbra Streisand and even herself.

“Las Vegas, Las Vegas, what has happened.” she said Sunday night during one of her two sold out performances at the MGM Grand Arena. “I got respectable and so did you. With pirate battles, jousters and volcanoes, the poor hookers have to dress up like Barney to get any attention.”

“I worry about Lisa Marie Presley.” she said, referring to Presley’s recent marriage to pop star Michael Jackson. “I don’t think she understands why they call it (Jackson’s California ranch) Neverland.”

After a ballad she told the audience.

“I wish I d brought my carpet. like the other Jewish girl.’’ The dig referred to Streisand, who performed at the MGM Grand Arena with two New Year’s weekend concerts. There were reports she used carpeting to enhance the acoustics at the Grand and other venues on her concert tour.

As for herself. Midler referred to her recording career as “the scud missile of show business.”

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