BetteBack May 7, 1995: Successful Women Producers In Hollywood

Kokomo Tribune
May 7, 1995

2003_08_25_FTR_SOUTH_01.jpg Pictures of Frank and Margaret South as well as (hoped for) memorabilia from his other shows. photo by Craig T. Kojima

With all the grumbling going on among successful women in Hollywood, one would think that there never are any opportunities for women to gain power in the playing fields of Tinseltown. Yet there are some women, particularly a select few successful actresses, who have pushed, shoved and manhandled their way into positions of control.

Uber-diva Bette Midler and her partners in All Girl Productions recently cemented their position as successful producers with the hit “Man of the House, “with Farrah Fawcett and Chevy Chase. Midler has proven that she doesn’t have to act or sing to be a success.

Two-time Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster is hard at work in Baltimore, set on proving the same thing. She’s directing and producing
“Home for the Holidays,” a romantic comedy set in the midst of a chaotic Thanksgiving Day family celebration. But don’t look for Foster
onscreen this time. Instead, Holly Hunter is the star, along with Anne Bancroft, Robert Downey Jr. and blue-eyed hunk Dylan McDermott.

Foster’s Egg Productions also was responsible for “Nell,” so she’s well on her way to becoming the next Clint Eastwood, a woman who can do it all, and do it all well.

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