Notes From Bette’s Talk On SandyLand Today With Sandra Bernhard



Favorite Tree: European Birch

Trump is like an addiction. You can’t turn him off. She has been to his home for dinner with he and Melania.  She said she does not dislike him.

She doesn’t want to endorse a candidate because it’s too agitating. Politics is too agitating right now. Doesn’t need the aggravation.

She talked about plastic bags and the damage they do. She has a bag snagger. She and the NYRP‘s go  around pulling plastic out of trees.

The plastic bag lobby is big and has influence.

Bette invited Sandra to hostess at the Spring Picnic. I think Sandra accepted.

They talked fear and loathing at the RNC. Bette says the relentlessness of 24/7 media has built rage into us as a people.

Sandra said she drove her parents insane by singing Bette’s first two albums.

Bette says the songs have to move her. A beautiful melody and compelling lyrics.

Knights In Black Leather is her least favorite song. Label made her sing it.

Be kind, Everybody has burden. Sensitive to humanity and her works incorporate that.

Bette loves L.A. They talked about their doctors. Bette hates mammograms. She said they are torture. If guys had their dicks smashed they’d understand.

She loves a colonoscopy cause it makes her feel thinner

Michael Jackson’s story haunts her still. It’s inconceivable.

Said she came to New York with no fear. At 50 she didn’t know where the time went cause she was so self involved to create her work. She won’t call herself an artist, but an entertainer.

Stunned at people walking around not noticing things. I guess because of cellphones and such.

She misses her early self but knows that comes with age.

Bette doesn’t look at the blowback on Twitter. It makes her sick. Fascinated by the Kardashians, but hollow. Everything is presentation.

Hello Dolly….dancing….learning dancing and singing the score right now.

Talked about Flint and how bad it is. If you’re young and artistic go to Detroit and rebuild it. The infrastructure is falling apart. Put people to work in public works.

Talked about business and how greedy it is. How things need to change.






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