BetteBack March 26, 1996: Is that an outfit for a Bette?

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
March 26, 1996



The overall impression is that Bette Midler left her superstar fashion sense in Los Angeles when she moved back home to New York.

She was the queen of glitz in the film Down and Out in Beverly Hills. Now she just looks down and out.

Someone obviously told her not to stop working hard at her career because she wore a boiler suit on a family stroll around the Big Apple.

A fan who spotted her said: “I couldn’t believe how different she was from her screen image. She looked so frumpy you almost didn’t know it was her.”

The sassy, brassy blonde was fed up after a decade in Tinseltown.

Perhaps her designer luggage got lost on the flight east.

Or she may be after a job on the dustcarts – after all she’s bin round New York before.

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