Spring Picnic by Christy Labonte

Spring Picnic by Christy Labonte

Oh my goodness, what an evening!! I attended Bette Midler’s NYRP Spring Picnic this evening. When she saw me, she hugged me, said it was so great to see me and that I looked as gorgeous as ever. Her assistant reminded her that I had gotten several donations from friends and family for Stages for Success and she hugged me again and said it was so wonderful of me. It was hard holding back tears as it’s not everyday that your hero gives you such amazing compliments. I introduced my friend Louise Brady to her, said she came over from Wales and this was her first time in NY. Louise told Bette that we met because of her, and she said it was such a sweet story. She offered to take a pic with the two of us, so kind of her. It was such an incredible evening, and Bette loved our story.

Bette And Christy


Bette And Louise


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