A Little Exercise Tip Bette Midler Used

Galveston Daily News
July 14, 1996


Even though Hollywood stars are mortals like the rest of us, they look like they have bodies like gods. How do they do it?

Through a combination of motivation and self-analysis, according to Karen Voight, who has trained a number of stars.

“More people are looking at them and criticizing their every little weakness, so there is much more pressure,” said the Los Angeles-based aerobics teacher, writer and video star.

Just the same, motivational techniques that work for the stars also can work for the rest of us, Voight said. Successful exercisers find their individual approach, she said:

“The best thing to do is to figure out by process of elimination

For entertainer Bette Midler, it was finding a way to make exercise fun, Voight said. Midler once joked in a step aerobics class, while hopping onto the platform again and again, that it reminded her of her career, she said.

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