Bette Midler On How Sophie Has Effected Her Life:

Bette Midler On How Sophie Has Effected Her Life: “Well, for the first few years, I was very circumspect. I never swore. I never used any kind of bad language. I was very careful. But then I started taking her to the {movie} sets. And the first couple of times it was OK because it was just very simple. She was on `Big Business,’ which was a kind of PG show; and she came to `Hocus Pocus,’ which she really liked. But then I made the mistake of taking her to `Gypsy’ {which Midler made for TV this year}. And then, forget about it! She came back singing `You gotta have a gimmick.’ I mean, I waited until I was about 11 years old before I noticed strippers. She’s only 6!” (1993)

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