BetteBack July 14, 1997: Bette & Gifford Dialogue Cut From First Wive’s Club

Panama City News Herald
July 14, 1997


Frank and Kathle Lee Gifford, the tabloids’ fare du jour after his alleged hotel room encounter with another woman, may be relieved that a little dialogue was cut from last year’s hit film, The First Wives Club.

Director Hugh Wilson trimmed a scene in which a character questioned the sportscaster’s faithfulness to TV-host wife.

The movie had already reached its climax “and I wanted to move it along as quickly as possible,” Wilson says in the July 19 issue of
TV Guide.

Olivia Goldsmith, author of The First Wives Club, wrote about the scene in the magazine, which praised Mrs. Gifford for the dignity she demonstrated following the publicity over a videotape supposedly showing her husband kissing a flight attendant.

In a cameo appearance that Wilson kept in the movie, Mrs. Gifford interviewed characters played by Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton and
Bette Midler.

The part of the scene that Wilson cut had Ms. Midler’s character asking Mrs. Gifford, “And where’s Frank right now, Kathie?”

“He’s home with Cody,” Mrs. Gifford replied, referring to their son.

“So you hope,” Midler’s character replied.

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