Betteback October 11, 1973: A Letter To The Editor In Houston

Houston Daily Cougar
October 11, 1973


To the Editor: Once again, Dale Adamson has missed the significance of a spectacular performance by a very talented woman. Next time Bette Midler or anyone comes to Houston to entertain us, please send a reviewer who pays attention to the quality of audience reaction and participation in getting off to a very high, energized experience.

Ask your resident entertainment critic to blow off taking jabs at the diversity of the folks in the audience and concentrate on whether or not the show was worth the complimentary tickets. One thing Adamson didnâ’t mention was that everywhere I looked, people were just as jubilant and thrilled as the picture of Bette in Tuesday’s Cougar. I must have missed Dale Adamson. He may have been calling in his hot review.

Malinda W.,Thursday, October ll, 1973

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