BetteBack November 30, 1973: What Can You Tell Me About Bette Midler?

Dover Times Reporter
November 30, 1973


What can you tell me about Bette Midler? I think she is fantastic! H.C.

Bette’s personality has helped to get her songs right to the top of the charts. She is from Hawaii, which she savs is a wild place. While still there. Bette got some work as a movie extra. It paid S350 a week. The money helped convince her parents that maybe shoe business wasn’t such a bad business and Bette consequently flew to N.Y.

One day a talent coordinator for David Frost saw Bette and signed her for the Frost Show. The audience gave her quite a reception and Frost signed her to five more shows. Merv Griffin jumped on the bandwagon and so did Johnny Carson and Mike Douglas. She was on her way to fame!

Her catalog of songs is heavily nostalgic, old blues and a lot in the f930’s. One of the unusual things about Bette is that while other girls change costumes to change periods, she changed her posture and body movements.

Bette can hold her own on the talk shows too. She is one of (he most unusual singers to ‘make the scene’.

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