Bette Midler On Replacing Her TV Husband Roy:

Bette Midler On Replacing Her TV Husband Roy: “Kevin Dunn quit because he was very unhappy with the material he was being given. Now I’m very timid about getting involved with an actor I’m not sure of. That’s on everyone’s lips. Darrin, Darrin, Dick, Dick. From Bewitched. I don’t get it at all. I personally feel that every week you should have a different Roy. Maybe you could have a contest _ the longest-running Roy.” She named Fred Willard, Martin Short and Chris Rock as possibly rotating Roys, an idea that received a thumbs up from most of the TV critics in attendance. By interview’s end, Midler seemed to be half-seriously considering the idea. Well, maybe not. (Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service, January 9, 2001)

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