40 Years Ago: Bette Midler And Band Get Snowed In At Cleveland

“We’d finally landed Bette Midler for four shows at The Front Row Theater in Highland Heights. Hearing that heavy fog was anticipated, Bette canceled her flight plans and instead took the train from New York to Cleveland. The fog became the ‘White Tornado,’ closing the city for the next two nights.

“Bette and her crew were stuck in the Hospitality Inn on Ohio 91 along with other stranded travelers, and she performed a free show each night in the hotel’s ballroom. The final two Midler shows did go on at the Front Row, but fans with tickets for the canceled nights who were refunded, begged to buy standing room for the last two sold-out shows. They didn’t want a refund, they wanted to see Bette!” – Jeannie Emser Schultz, marketing/publicity manager at Playhouse Square, Bratenahl. She was director of marketing/ publicity at the Front Row in 1978.

Here’s the Full Story Of The Blizzard Of 1978: Click Here

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