Audio Only And Links To Projects: Singer Songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman On Bette Midler

Mister D: Here is a dear songwriter friend of Bette, Beth Nielsen Chapman (Color Of Roses) speaking about Bette. I fitinally met Ms. Chapman, who lives in Nashville, where I do. I took a songwriting class she was teaching. She was excellent, but I never wrote shit. Just don’t have it in me. introduced myself, and she already knew who I was through my website. I thought that was pretty exciting. She said others knew about it because sometimes I promoted their work when they worked with Bette. So it was a good experience and it proved to me I was doing what I set out to do…promote Bette, but all the songwriters and musicians that helped in some way to get her as far as possible in her career.

Click The Below Link:

I think they talk about Bette at 58:10

Mister D:
I must say I raved about this album when it came out, and Elton John named it as one of his favorites at the time. He played Sand and Water Live at Princess Di’s funeral. I think it was her but could be mistaken. But it was at somebody’s funeral.

Here’s Her  Album Beth Nielsen Chapman, Sand and Water, with Color Of Roses:

Beth Nielson Chapman, Sand and Water, with Color Of Roses, Digital Release:


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