Bette Midler & Barry Manilow – Friends – Roseanne Talk Show

Bette Midler & Barry Manilow – Friends – Roseanne Talk Show

I thought this would be a little timely. Now, none of these 3 talk to each other. Too bad how symbolic this is because we really need to start working with one another again. Now I’m not talking in place of Bette. These are my opinions, and I’m sure they are different than Bette’s, but if you speak to all walks of life off of social media, it’s different. Yeah, both sides have their bad apples, but I have no trouble discussing my ideas with right-wingers in TN. People are more alike than they are different and how they behave on social media. You all know this because you work with so many different characters every day. In my ???? years, I’ve never run into monsters, well I have, but I think they were bipartisan. Anyway, Try your best to understand people. I know it’s hard. Don

PS: The good news is that I think the Harlettes all get along! Yay!

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