Aubrey Plaza Mentions Bette Midler In Old 2012 Interview

Mister D: Remember the article I posted a while back where Aubrey said her idol was Bette Midler? After she made it on TV, she went backstage to meet Bette after her performance in I’ll Eat You Last, but Aubrey ran out the door right before Bette was to come out and meet her. She said she couldn’t do it. So I’m assuming she’s still never met Bette!

Aubrey Plaza On “Parks & Rec,” Popularity, And Petfinder: From The BUST Archives

Aubrey Plaza

“And I was obsessed with movies. Weird movies would make me want to act. Like, do you remember For the Boys with Bette Midler? It’s such a weird reference, but I would see random movies, and they would affect me. For some reason, I was like, ‘Yes, I want to do that. I want to sing for the army!’” she says, in a faux-dreamy voice. It’s this offhanded humor that sets Plaza apart from the majority of today’s young Hollywood actresses”

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