On this day in history, Bette Midler released the album, “Broken Blossom” November 17, 1977.

On This Day In History: Broken Blossom – Bette Midler – Album Was Released Nov 17, 1977

Bette Midler - Broken Blossom

Mister D: What are ya’lls favorite songs from this album? Anybody remember when you first bought it? What was your first reaction to hearing it?

On this day in history, Bette Midler released the album, “Broken Blossom” November 17, 1977.

Broken Blossom is the fourth studio album by American singer Bette Midler, her second album release in 1977 and her fifth on the Atlantic Records label. Just as Midler’s three previous studio albums Broken Blossom includes songs from a wide variety of genres, ranging from Edith Piaf‘s signature tune “La vie en rose“, Phil Spector-esque covers of Billy Joel‘s “Say Goodbye to Hollywood” and Harry Nilsson‘s “Paradise” and hard rock like Sammy Hagar‘s “Red”, to a jazzy duet with Tom Waits, “I Never Talk to Strangers”, and a rendition of “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes“, originally from Walt Disney‘s 1950 film version of Cinderella. The album reached #51 on Billboards album chart.

The album was released on CD for the first time in 1993. A remastered version of the album was released by Atlantic Records/Warner Music in 1995.

Track listing

Side A:

  1. “Make Yourself Comfortable” (Bob Merrill) – 3:59
  2. You Don’t Know Me” (Eddy ArnoldCindy Walker) – 3:39
  3. Say Goodbye to Hollywood” (Billy Joel) – 3:02
  4. “I Never Talk To Strangers” (duet with Tom Waits) (Tom Waits) – 3:39
  5. “Daybreak (Storybook Children)” (David Pomeranz, Spencer Proffer) – 3:40
  6. “Red” (John Carter, Sammy Hagar) – 3:17

Side B:

  1. “Empty Bed Blues” (J. C. Johnson) – 3:19
  2. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” (Mack David) – 3:09
  3. “Paradise” (Perry Botkin, Jr., Gil Garfield, Harry Nilsson) – 4:15
  4. “Yellow Beach Umbrella” (Craig Doerge, Judy Henske) – 4:24
  5. La Vie en Rose” (Mack David, LouiguyEdith Piaf) – 2:59

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9 thoughts on “On this day in history, Bette Midler released the album, “Broken Blossom” November 17, 1977.

  1. I Never Talk to Strangers is my favorite track. I also like Yellow Beach Umbrella (though I prefer the version by Libby Titus, the writer) and Say Goodbye to Hollywood. I bought it as soon as it came out because it seemed like it had been a while since Bette had put out an album. I liked the album but though Bette’s singing is wonderful and the album is gorgeously produced, there’s no real stand out track for me.

  2. It’s funny because my father and I NEVER got along, but I asked him to take me to Sears which had the closest record department. For a change he followed me into the record department and was looking around. I was a rabid Barbra Streisand fan and he pulled out this album and said, “Hey, this looks like that Jewish broad you like.” Little did he know that I was also a Bette Midler fan and had not heard that the album had been released. Anyway, the reason I bring the whole story up is because, when we got home he wanted to hear the album and was blown away by Bette’s rendition of. “You Don’t Know Me”. I thought it was cool at the time, but didn’t give it much thought. As the years have gone by, I’ve really given a lot of thought to the fact that I just didn’t really know my father well and this song always brings a tear to my eye and makes me think of my father and how much I really didn’t know him. Although I love the entire album because it brings me back to a time and place, I have to say that “You Don’t Know Me” holds a special place in my heart.

  3. “BROKEN BLOSSOM” was the only Bette Midler album that was discontinued for a while which was when I first became a fan. I happen to be searching through a huge bin of 8-track tapes on special at the local department store…odds and ends with no rhyme nor reason…just new and never sold and on clearance…I happen to stumble upon this 8-Track and was so pleasantly surprised as I had never seen it in Musicland in the mall which is where I found the Bette Midler bin with all her records up to THE ROSE SOUNDTRACK. (That was my first Bette Midler album…the movie blew me away as a child.) It had 8-Track issues that used to occur with that particular medium, but overall the quality was good enough and I absolutely loved the album of course. (A few years later it was re-released and taken out of “discontinued” status…)

  4. Broken Blossom is a fabulous album.
    My favorite is Yellow Beach Umbrella
    My partner of 13 years broke up with me
    At the time of it’s release It really got me through some rough spots.
    I’m now happily married. I love the entire album

    1. I agree with you Matthew, I love this album and song. Miss Midler also got me through some bad times. That is a very common refrain i keep hearing.

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