Bette Midler Is Not Interested In Taking “Hello Dolly” To London. She Has Nothing Left To Prove.

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Bette Midler Has Nothing Left To Prove
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Bette Midler as Delores as Dolly Levi

Mister D: I have had this ready to go in the pipeline since February 9th, but somehow just overlooked it and forgot about it. But I need it on here. Apologize for the lateness, I had gone on what I assume is the big forum on theater in the YUK, where they were quite convinced by some faulty information that Bette was coming over there to reprise “Hello Dolly” I knew for a fact she wasn’t. I joined the forum and tried to explain who I was, not in a boastful way and listed my site so they could check it out and see I had some credibility. I said I hated to be the messenger of bad news, but I had it on good authority that she wouldn’t be coming over. But theater people and me, for the most part, just don’t ever mix well. They hated what I had to say and ignored it, I felt I did my part. They believed their friend who always had the inside info. Fair enough. I can’t compete with that. When they did find out, they pretty much turned on their friend, I don’t thrive on cruelty either, so I just left. About a day later I found this. I don’t know who this magazine is quoting, but it seems rather condescending, but maybe it’s just me.

Bette Midler has been offered the biggest salary in the history of the London stage to take her hit show, ‘Hello, Dolly!” to the West End – but she is not interested.

Bette loved performing “Hello, Dolly!” on Broadway and after the show she went home to her own bed. She doesn’t want to go on tour with the musical or take it overseas. Bette was offered $200,000 per week to take the show to London theater, but she passed,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “Bette has nothing to prove at this point in her life. She won the Tony award and set box offices records on Broadway. What would playing a year in London do for her? She is already very rich!”

Insiders reveal that without Bette, there is no UK “Dolly,” – unless Meghan Markle is available! WINK

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2 thoughts on “Bette Midler Is Not Interested In Taking “Hello Dolly” To London. She Has Nothing Left To Prove.

  1. OMG I love the new look!!!!

    Yeah, it does sound bitchy, if you ask me LOL. At this point I wouldn’t either If I were her. LOL.

    “She’s already rich”.

    Yeah. And over 70. Why don’t they give her a fucking break and get a life, right? LOL

    Love you.

    1. Thanks about the look. Not many have said anything, but I’m pleased. Did you get my email, I think it was kind of long. Or maybe it was on Messenger

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