BetteBack October 22, 1975: Liza Disses Bette!

New York Post
October 22, 1975


I guess you know there’s a card-carrying, triple-A feud going betwixt Liza Minnelli and Bette Midler. The Divine Miss M went backstage to see Liza in “Chicago” but Liza was too busy to see her.

Oy! Such dialogue as came out of little Bette’s rosebud lips.

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5 thoughts on “BetteBack October 22, 1975: Liza Disses Bette!

  1. When I saw Liza, she had to stop mid-song during NY NY & Cabaret and have some “water”, or some other clear liquid. Her exit was with two large men propping her up. I don’t think her toes touched the stage floor.
    NEVER saw Bette in this delapidated state.

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