Tropicana Artwork For Bette Midler Ad In The Early ’80s

1980’s BETTE MIDLER Tropicana Twister Soda TV Commercial ORIGINAL Artwork

Bette Midler Tropicana Artwork

Mister D: I have to say that this find had me baffled. I just don’t recall anything about this. I searched the internet for more info and for the video, but came up with nada! I wrote Jill and told her I felt like a loser Bette fan for not remembering this. And she wrote back and said she felt like a loser personal assistant for having no clue. Of course, she’s not going to bother Miss M over something so trivial as this, but they really don’t understand our NEED to know. I remember not long ago sending Jill a link to samples of rare Bette audio (snippets of a Bath’s concert). I said, “ya’ll may want to buy this up.” I think the starting bid was a thousand dollars and Jill said: “nobody’s gonna pay a thousand dollars for an old tape.” I can’t remember what I wrote back, but it would probably have been “are you kidding me?” It took me forever to get them to make Bette an official site. I said “Cher and Babs have sites; I said you should, too,” And she said, “yes I do. I should have one…JILL!!! Don said I should have a website” (she really did yell for Jill as she did for Connie in the Bette series, so I did get a kick out of that (I think I did laugh a little)…and I already told you the rest of that story, I also turned her on to Al Franken and Randi Rhodes, who each had a radio show on Air America, a left-wing channel on XM radio before Sirius bought it out. That night she was flying out of Chicago to whereever the next KMB stop was, and someone kept saying Bette we have to go, but we kept talking, but she gave me and showed me how to do the Hollywood hug and kiss where you pretend to kiss each side of the face while hugging gently but not bumping chests and whatever. Have to say, I got a kick out of that. She started walking down the long corridor. She was the last to leave. As she walked down the corridor she talked loudly at me and said “what’s the name of that radio station” I said “Ait America” Then “WHO WERE THOSE TWO PEOPLE YOU LIKED?” I laughingly said, “Al Franken and Randi Rhodes!” And she turned the corner and she was gone, but, in true Bette fashion, she backed her head out from around the corner, and said something like, “Thanks, Motherfuckah!!!” It could have been bye, later, or whatever, I was just excited that she called me “Motherfuckah!” But then I realized I was all alone backstage, so I started walking the way I was brought in. I kept saying “hello”, “hello” I turned a corner and there were some men working. but now there was this huge opening that led outside. And I started walking back to the hotel. And my night didn’t quite end yet. But that’s another story. I will have to figure out a way to tell it where I don’t piss people off. Anyway, that was by far the coolest night of my life. It beat out frat parties and orgies! LOL



Original ONE OF A KIND Superior Artistic Quality Production Art Piece as Pictured

MAGNIFICENT Piece in Overall OUTSTANDING Condition as Pictured

Entire Piece Measures Approximately 11” Across x 9” High AS PICTURED


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Artwork For Bette Midler Tropicana Soda Commercial


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2 thoughts on “Tropicana Artwork For Bette Midler Ad In The Early ’80s

  1. I was looking at these and was also perplexed. Great Artwork though, i can certainly see it!! But was hesitant given her entire lawsuit with Ford Motor Company regarding commercials.

    Mr. D, is there any news if Bette will attend the Disney Legend Award reception and have her hands and signature put up on there wall?!

  2. Well, she did that Acura car commercial not long ago. I could see her doing something like that in the early 80’s, kind of fits with her Hawaiianroots, and she had that lull in her career right before she rode out of the ashes like a phoenix. I’m going to keep searching.

    I haven’t asked about Disney but I just assumed she would because it’s such an honor and I don’t think she ever guessed she’d be a Disney legend one day. I’ll see if I can get an answer-

    The PR and who gets the news first is such a huge a friggin huge industry they can’t tell me anything half the time. Back when I first started getting some info from them I fucked up royally because of a time difference. I thought that was going to be it for me. But Bette has the last word and I’m still here. She’s rescued me a couple of times. But I was furious about all that giving the scoop to certain people first. I argued what’s it going go hurt letting your die hard fans no a little ahead of time. That theme still rears its ugly head today lol

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