Photo: Bette Midler at Inlet Seafood Restaurant night before last – 2019

Bette Midler at Inlet Seafood Restaurant in Montauk, NY
<a href=httpsbootlegbettycom20190331video divine intervention complete bette midler 2015><strong>Bette Midler <strong><a>at Inlet Seafood Restaurant in Montauk NY

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“Truly the last restaurant on Long Island” since it’s about as far out as you can get, this “lively”, two-floor Montauker is “owned by a cooperative of fishermen” and serves “terrific” cooked seafood as well as “great sushi”; though some report “surly” service and “long waits” (no reservations are taken), that’s a minor catch in light of the “salt-air” setting and “breathtaking” sunsets; N.B. hours vary in the off-season.

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  1. I want to take a picture with Bette Midler, its my dream, what do you think, Mister D ? May be One day, I am positive Jaja ??

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