Photo: Bette Midler in a scene from ‘Then She Found Me’ – 2007

Bette Midler in "Then She Found Me"
Bette midler in then she found me

Photo: Bette Midler in a scene from ‘Then She Found Me’ – 2007

Helen Hunt said it was bittersweet because the day the movie was to be released the distributor went broke and there was no money for proper promotion so it just kind of died. My feeling is that if things had gone properly there was a good chance for Bette Midler to have been nominated for a supporting role.

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3 thoughts on “Photo: Bette Midler in a scene from ‘Then She Found Me’ – 2007

  1. I agree with that. I was surprised that Bette got very little “award” attention for this film. I thought she deserved a few noms, in that she really showcased a controlled range for Bette. It made me remember just how wonderful of an actress she is. Alas, maybe Glorias will provide some award recognition. She needs an OSCAR! She also needs to be inducted to the ROCK AND ROLL hall of fame and the Kennedy Honors!

    1. I’m starting to get worried that her role won’t be really big in the Glorias. But I have nothing to base that on, it’s just a feeling and I hope I’m wrong. I thought the same thing about her acting job in Then She Found Me. I’m pissed at Hollywood because The Rose and her acting was just other worldly to me and I was waiting for more juicy parts like that. She could do comedy too. But why not some real dramatic stuff. I remember reading about movies she was associated with but none of them materialized. But some seemed really serious. But finally she just had to grab something and it was Jinxed. I mean what was the big deal about getting her great scripts?

  2. I have the same feeling with Glorias.
    After winning the Tony, a few interesting sounding project were announced:
    But Freak Show was barely shown and her part tiny (and frankly , based on her acting, she seemed to be in a different movie), Tale of the Allergist’s wife, though a hit on Broadway, promised a juicy leading-role (with Sharon Stone as Bette’s counter-part), but with Fickman attached, nothing materialized after they (unsuccessfully?) tried to get it financied internationally at a festival in Europe.
    The Addams Family is a hit, but Bette’s part is so tiny you barely notice her (voice).
    And The Politician is a high-profile series, but Bette (being Bette – nothing new) could only be seen in the last episode, and it remains to be seen if her part in series two offers anything we haven’t seen her do before.
    Don’t get me wrong: all of this is better than nothing, but I am tired of seeing her doing “her thing” in “cameos”. She needs one BIG DIFFERENT part. I remain hopeful that it will come (and that she will take it).

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