Kathy Najimy’s Take On The ‘Hocus Pocus’ Sequel Is Most Likely Correct

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Kathy Najimy on ‘Hocus Pocus,’ Gloria Steinem and the inimitable Bette Midler
October 26, 2019

Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus
Bette midler in hocus pocus

Mister D: So I got dragged into this Hocus Pocus mess and I didn’t want to be. (Thank you, PrinceCharming,,, who really is charming). Prince thinks it will be made and all 3 witches will come back in some capacity. I don’t. I’ve seen stuff like this with so many Bette movies to be made and then they disappear. DivaNation with Goldie, Bette, and Diane (never got a script written). I thought Mae West was a sure thing, big director, William Friedkin, based on a book, but no script, and now will it or won’t it happen, The Tale of the Allergists Wife with Sharon Stone. Not going to get excited until I know it’s filming. Hocus Pocus 2 or whatever they are going to call it, Well, at least they have a writer, but no script. I just can’t see Bette passing the torch to anybody. And I really don’t want her to do a cheesy cameo. Her character should be remembered always as this witty, wicked witch who could make things happen. And she could sing, too.

Well, Kathy Najimy is on the road doing a Q & A after the showings of Hocus Pocus and you can read the full article HERE But this is what she said about all 3 of the original stars doing the movie:

“It’s so funny because people really seriously ask us, like we’re in charge We’re not Disney studios, we can’t wave our wands and say, ‘There’s a sequel.’ I mean, honestly, I would say that all three of us are on to many, many other projects. I’m directing, I’m producing, I have a documentary … Sarah has her things that she is doing, and Bette, of course. I don’t know that it would ever synchronize [for the three of us] for that, but I would love to do a cameo as the three sisters in a Hocus Pocus sequel. But I’m so happy with the way the first turned out. It’s surprising. It was so much fun to make. I loved the flying, Sarah and I really loved the flying a lot. But I don’t have the answer to that because I’m not [chairman and CEO of Disney, Robert Iger].”

Kathy Kathy, Hocus pocus sequel

Mister D: Now, you can still make a case, that they could do it, but you can also kind of read between the lines that she’s trying to inject some reality. Of course, all 3 would say they’d do it. Do they want to piss off fans, but it fucking dragged on for 10, 20, 30 years. But I don’t like the way whoever was pushing the movie saying, and “we’ll try to get the original witches in some capacity” Nope, Nope, Nope. Not good enough. I’m not discussing it anymore until I start hearing more information. But I hope it does come through. I’m just trying to temper expectations because….well long, long time fans will know.

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4 thoughts on “Kathy Najimy’s Take On The ‘Hocus Pocus’ Sequel Is Most Likely Correct

  1. I’m in your way of thinking for sure Mr. D. I still am upset over the Martin Scorcese one! I’m surprised about the Sharon Stone one, I thought that was moving along. As for Hocus Pocus, my thoughts are completely aligned with yours. As I was getting texts from friends and family all I said was great because I just could not go into it. But let’s hope.

  2. I’m not really sure the Allergist is kaput because Stone keeps mentioning it in interviews. I forgot about the Scorsese one.. That bummed me out the most.

  3. I’m laughing my ass off reading the last two posts about the subject…Sorry. Can’t help it.
    The world is so messed up, so much to learn, but there are actually people waiting for then to be in a sequel after decades? Seriously? Just enjoy the dam DVD every Halloween and be happy. LOL

    I’d rather watch her in The Politician. Just when I’m about to finally be convinced she’s (kind of) retiring, she shows up at the last episode and BANG BANG into room. ??? I must admit I read te spoilers, saw the lart episode first, then part of the first episode and I’m happily waiting for bette and judith for season two. Sorry, just can’t take anymore TV shows with American teens&cute blonds teens & players killing each other and just being sociopaths. ????

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