Video: Clip Of Bette Midler & Julianne Moore

Bette Midler and Julianne Moore in 'The Glorias'
<strong>bette midler and julianne moore in the glorias<strong>

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15 thoughts on “Video: Clip Of Bette Midler & Julianne Moore

  1. Well, I saw “The Glorias” early this morning. I had to wait until midnight to see it, so I don’t think I got to bed until about 3 a.m. Bette is terrific, as always, and captured the spirit of Bella Abzug. She certainly provides the dynamic the movie needs. Not sure of the time frame, but Bette’s character appears in about the last hour of the film, and is in maybe 4 or 5 scenes–all with Julianne.

    The last I saw on “Awards Daily” which is a website like “Gold Derby”, they had Julianne Moore and Alicia Vikander as Oscar potentials in the Supporting Actress category, which I found rather odd. Even with four different actresses playing Gloria Steinem at various ages, Julianne Moore should clearly be in the leading role category. I might also say the same for Alicia Vikander as they seem to share about the same on-screen time. Bette was very good, but I’m not sure her part would be considered large enough for award consideration. Thank God she showed up, though. The movie really needed Bette’s energy. So far, the IMDB score is not being very kind, with Metacritic thankfully much better. The reaction all around, with Bette’s performance seems very good. Bette’s on a roll, and I’m loving it.

    1. This move has done something to my brain. I never seem to know what day it is. It didn’t register with me that today was the 30th. This is freaking me out.

      I had read reviews without paying attention to the date. I’m upset with Facebook, because I can’t get into my site, therefore I’ve lost like 80,000 fans who must be thinking I’ve fallen off the earth. Anytime I forgot password I never had trouble getting back in but this time something was different I sent them my ID to prove who I am and it’s been a month now. I can find myself in a search so why can’t they help me.

      I had heard some stuff about thank God the movie needed some of Bette’s energy, but if they’re running Julianne Moore and Alicia Vikander as supporters then that will knock Bette out. Is this Gold Derby putting them in that category? You know more about them than I do, are they pretty right on about who’ll be in what category

      1. Dear, people half your age are also like this, don’t worry. Everyone I know who are homescholing and working from home for the past 7 months can’t remember any dates either…we are constantly asking each other what day of the month and week is this…You are going through drastic changes, moving to Florida in the middle of a pandemic…relax, you are “fine”, just like the rest of us LOL xoxo

      2. Is she 75 or 74? She will be 75 in December, right?

        What day is today, anyways? LOL

  2. Gold Derby is a little more on top of it. These rankings are before “The Glorias” came out on
    September 30, so that could change with the next round of votes. Julianne Moore is at #21 for the year, but she is correctly positioned in the Best Actress Category. In the Supporting Actress category is Janelle Monae at #22, Alicia Vikander at #26 and Bette Midler at #28. Alicia had a very large role, so I could see that shifting to the Best Actress category, but she is a strong supporting character–and if they think she has a better chance in that slot they’re likely to push for Alicia in the Supporting role. Janelle was good, and I’ve always liked Janelle, but her role is as brief as Bette’s, and not nearly as memorable, IMHO. Let’s see what happens next week, now that the movie has officially come out. Also, Lorraine Touissant is not on the list (as Flo Kennedy), which is a bit surprising as she’s also getting a fair amount of buzz for her performance, and is usually mentioned in the same breath as Bette.

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