The Sanderson Sisters Make It Back Home

New Hocus Pocus 2 Photo Shows Sanderson Sisters Inside Their Home
By Robert Peterpaul
January 3, 2022

The Sanderson Sisters
<strong><em>the sanderson sisters<em><strong>

Hocus Pocus Guide, a popular Instagram account that’s dedicated to keeping the world abreast on all things Hocus Pocus, shared a first look at the Sanderson sisters back inside their old home. 

Donning their legendary looks, the three stars appear to be reacting to something just off-frame. A high pedestal suggests it can only be one thing: Winifred’s beloved book of spells. The performers’ reactions prove that they are each fully back in touch with the characters they created nearly three decades ago. Winnie seems like she’s reunited with an old loved one, Mary has on her signature side-mouth surprise, and Sarah bounces with joy.

The Sandersons Make It Back To Their Cottage

It’s thrilling to see the Sandersons back in their old cottage. Audiences first saw them at home at the beginning of the original movie. Nestled deep in the woods of Salem, the Tudor house is reflective of the witches’ English style. Distinctive features included purple smoke billowing from the chimney and a large waterwheel on the side. When Hocus Pocus flashed forward to then-modern day Salem, the Sandersons’ home had been turned into a museum. The museum shut down due to spooky occurrences, gathering cobwebs until Max Dennison foolishly lit the Black Flame Candle there and conjured the Sandersons back to life.

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